Tumor Virology

It is clear from the above brief information that tumor retroviruses have been instrumental in cancer research, for the understanding of carcinogenesis and for the development of molecular biology. The history of tumor virology has recently been reviewed and in addition to retroviruses, the small DNA tumour viruses, including adenoviruses, SV40, polymer viruses have contributed tremendously to cancer research and understanding of carcinogenesis. Human Papilloma Viruses (HPVs) are the causative agents of a number of human tumors, including cervical cancer, which is a major cause of cancer related death in women in many parts of the developing world. The development of HPV induced malignancies requires the activity of two viral oncoproteins, E6 and E7. Together they act to deregulate a large number of cellular control pathways, primarily to create an environment favourable for viral replication, but which can ultimately give rise to malignancy.

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